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The Village Spa Signature

The Village Signature Package 4 hrs. 5,600 Baht.

All-natural honey has been used as beauty product since the days of Cleopatra
and it continues to be used today in manufactured and homemade products for
skin and hair care. Honey is naturally hydrating and non- irritating.
Body Honey Scrub suitable for sensitive skin types, this body treatment helps to
seal and maintain moisture in your skin. A gentle blend of honey, yoghurt and
wheat germ provide your skin with healthy nourishment, leaving it feeling soft,
supple and radiant.
Body Honey Wrap let honey diffuses into the blood stream It is particularly
soothing for dry irritated skin and restores skin balance and resilience wrap.
Helps to reduce cellulite while it firms and tones. Leaves skin smooth and supple.
 The Village Honey Body Treatment : Body Honey Scrub & Body Honey
◘ The Village Facial
◘ The Village Massage
◘ Village Creamy Bath

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